St. Louis, MO—Gospel Trip, Report 3 密苏里圣路易斯—福音之旅 第三报导

St. Louis, MO—Gospel Trip, Report 3

Friday, 1/25/19, we went to the University of Washington at Saint Louis (Wash U), the flagship university of Saint Louis, for a Bible distribution. We were there for a little over two hours and handed out close to 40 Bibles and had a number of positive contacts. The evening was filled with three meetings:

  1. A Korean-speaking meeting with community saints
  2. The campus meeting, which had 16 attendees (9 of whom were students). Three students were new to the meeting and the time was very positive; every student dug into the riches of the Word and prophesied, and many signed up for a weeklong morning revival program.
  3. A brand-new meeting was created for the new students we contacted at UMSL the day before. The meeting was hosted in a local sister’s home, and four new, unsaved students came. The meeting was unlike anything we had experienced- it was truly a joint effort of shepherding and preaching the gospel, even some saints who previously had not been too involved in the campus labor spontaneously jumped in. At least one was definitely saved and desires to come back for more.

Saturday, 1/26/19, we had lunch with a local sister and went to various meetings in the evening, being split up into different groups.

All in all, our first week has been a week of very positive blending, mutual shepherding, and sowing, and we look to the Lord that some of the ones we contacted this week would be thoroughly connected to the local saints and would receive the proper follow-up during our second week.

Prayer Burdens:

  • That the Lord would operate in these positive contacts, keeping at least five as remaining, fruit-bearing fruit
  • That the Lord would revive, reinspire, and bring into function the backslidden and dormant local saints
  • That the Lord would continue to blend and build us together with the saints here in beautiful mutual harmony and fellowship in love.

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