Morgantown, West Virginia —Gospel Trip, Report 2 西佛吉尼亚州摩根敦福音之旅,第二报导

Morgantown, WV—Gospel Trip, Report 2

For the past two days, the team labored in West Virginia University. The weather was freezing and we could not get permission to table inside the building, because we have no official club on campus (part of prayer burden), so we had to table outside, taking shifts every 20 minutes. We had a good number of students who stopped to claim a free Bible or even just ask if there are Bible studies on campus. Teams continued to distribute invites while others manned the table. We had a chance to get some contact information; others were in a rush due to the cold.

Yesterday, a professor came to talk to one of the brothers distributing cards and said that he was impressed of what we were doing despite the cold and that he would be willing to sponsor the Christian Club on campus. The sisters talked to a student, which led to a mini Bible study in the campus food court.

Prayer Burdens:
That the willing professor would officially sign the papers as the sponsor of the club on campus. That those who received the invites would make it to the mini BfA conference this weekend. That the Lord would lead His chosen ones to the BfA table in the following campuses: West Virginia University, Fairmont State University and Carnegie Mellon University

Statistics as of January 30 (Day 3) in West Virginia University:
2,162 invitation cards to BfA conference 56 Bibles distributed 37 contacts received 1 called and prayed to receive the Lord

Headed to the tabling area for Bible distribution Tabling at 10-12 degrees (F) Fellowship at the Millers’ house

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