Stillwater—Gospel Trip, Report 1 美国斯蒂尔沃特 福音之旅,第一报导

Stillwater—Gospel Trip, Report 1

A warm hello from the saints in Oklahoma! It has been a little chilly in central plains of America but the saints here are burning in spirit. We have been welcomed very warmly since our arrival at Will Rogers Airport and the same tender care has continued in our hospitalities in Oklahoma City and Stillwater.

Our first weekend began with a home gathering in Oklahoma City. We enjoyed the flowing Triune God in singing, and he flowed through our reading of The All-inclusive Christ.

On Saturday, the students at the University of Oklahoma took us to see some of the trademarks of Norman, including the OU campus, Braums Ice Cream, and to an ice-skating rink. It was a sweet time getting to know the students and praying with them. We joined the students at the young people’s meeting. There were about 30 young people in attendance and we read a portion in the epistle to Timothy. We were encouraged that we have a spirit of power, love, and sobermindedness (2 Tim. 1:6-7) and that this spirit allows us to become an anti-testimony to the tide of this age.

On Lord’s Day, we had a wonderful table meeting in Stillwater, OK. We enjoyed Christ as the One who blends the Body together and as the One who is our universal replacement. We saw a little bit of the reality of the Body of Christ as we entered into one another’s burdens through prayer and fellowship.

The weekend concluded with lunch with the saints and a tour of the Oklahoma State University campus. OSU has one of the largest and the “most comprehensive” student unions in the United States. The saints showed us where most of the students frequent and where we would be able to contact the most students.

Please pray that the Lord would bless the saints in Stillwater with Himself and that all of the saints would be strengthened with power through the Spirit into their inner man. As the Lord gains more ground in all of the saints, please pray that this would issue in remaining fruit off of the Oklahoma State University campus.

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