Burnaby, Canada—Gospel Trip, Report 4 加拿大本拿比 福音之旅,第四报导

Burnaby, Canada—Gospel Trip, Report 4

We joined the Burnaby saints at the Lord’s Table meeting in Burnaby meeting hall. After the Lord’s Table, we were given the opportunity to share about the full-time training. A lot of saints have had questions this past week concerning why we decided to be in the training and why the full-timers decided to drop their jobs to serve the Lord in a full-time way. We were able to share a brief explanation on the history, purpose and goal of full-time training. Two trainees also shared their testimony on how the Lord brought them to the training. The main purpose for this time is to convey the burden of being trained and cultivated into useful vessels to the Lord. There were some visitations in the afternoon, and during the evening time, we got to go to Vancouver to join the annual dinner for the senior saints (67 year old +). We had a sweet time blending with them and got to hear their and the rich inheritance of the Lord’s recovery.

Feb 4th, 2019
We were invited to one of the elder’s in Burnaby for a delicious lunch. We had a wonderful fellowship time with the saints and some SFU students. We had some visitations in the evening at the homes of the saints. We will begin distributing invitations on the SFU campus from Tuesday to Thursday. We are aiming to hand out 2500 invitations for the gospel event on Thursday evening. The title of the event is: “The Acceptable Year of the Lord.”


  • About 40 Bibles distributed on SFU campus
  • 42 homes visited last week
  • 6 homes visited today

Prayer Burdens:

  • Continue to pray for the saints in Burnaby, that an atmosphere of sweetness and warmth would be brought in through all these visitations. Pray that this would not be merely a two-week event but visiting the saints would become our living.
  • Please pray that all 2500 invitations would be handed out at SFU and given to many sons of peace.
  • Pray for the follow-up of the 5 open new ones from last week’s gospel meeting on the Bread of Life, particularly the two graduate students from Iran to be open for further contact.

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Source: http://www.gtca.us/canada/burnaby/2019/02/06/burnaby-canada-gospel-trip-report-4.html