Jackson, MS/Birmingham, AL—Gospel Trip, Report 10 美国密西西比州杰克逊及阿拉巴马州伯明翰 福音之旅,第十报导

Jackson, MS/Birmingham, AL—Gospel Trip, Report 10

We praise the Lord for our third day here in Birmingham, AL. The time here has been of much enjoyment and refreshment for both the local saints and us. Our Monday started with our corporate enjoyment of the Lord in the morning and then coordinating for our time on the campus.

We tabled today at one of the buildings at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). While we were there, we sang, talked to the students, passed some tracts to them, and encouraged them to sign-up with their contact information, so that we could invite them to Bible studies. At the beginning of our time, it was a bit hard to give away flyers, but after some time, we lost our faces and the Lord had a breakthrough and we were able to have 26 students sign-up with their contact information. Out of those people, three confirmed that they want to meet with us again this week! We even had one student receive a Mystery of Human Life tract, who went back to the table asking us to explain it more to him. We explained it and he prayed with us. Praise the Lord!

During the evening time, we had a wonderful time at the home meeting. We mutually enjoyed the Lord by singing, pray-reading, and enjoying a portion of the ministry. How pleasant it is to dwell the saints in unity and harmony!

Prayer Burdens:

  • That the Lord would release appointments with the 26 students who signed-up and that they would attend the Bible study on Thursday, February 7
  • That the Lord would keep blessing all the corporate gatherings and home meetings among the saints here in Birmingham, AL
  • That the Lord would clothe all the trainees and local saints with the Spirit of power as we continue to labor on the campus

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Source: http://www.gtca.us/southeast/jackson/birmingham/2019/02/06/jackson-ms-birmingham-al-gospel-trip-report-10.html