Manchester, NH—Gospel Trip, Report 3 美国新罕布什尔州曼彻斯特 福音之旅,第三报导

Manchester, NH—Gospel Trip, Report 3

Saturday (February 2)
Saints from Manchester and nearby churches, along with the FTTA and FTTA-XB trainees, tabled at the Mall of New Hampshire (Manchester) and Steeplegate Mall (Concord). We met a Spanish-speaking mom and her daughter at the mall, both of whom came to the BfA seminar later that evening, along with the mom’s sister in the Lord and her children. They are hungry for the Word and very open to further contact.Lord’s Day (February 3)
A few young families came to the Lord’s Table, one of which met with the saints a few times within the last week. Some of these families traveled quite a distance from other parts of New Hampshire and Massachusetts to visit. Also, the Lord used the children to wonderfully blend these families together.

In the afternoon, four teams of saints went out door-knocking and 1 contact prayed to receive the Lord! In addition, 3 solid contacts were made and 1 team was able to enter into a home for further fellowship.

Monday (February 4)
We handed out a total of 256 workplace seminar invitations downtown this morning as people were trickling into work, as well as during lunchtime. This marks a total of ~515 seminar invitations for 3 workplace seminars that will take place on Thursday and Friday of this week.

There was a seminar in the afternoon at Manchester Community College (MCC) with 2 students from MCC and 2 students from Concord Community College (NHTI). All 4 want to start Bible studies and appointments on their respective campuses with us.

  • Statistics
  • Bibles: 73
  • Ministry booklets: 29

Prayer Burdens:

  • Two sub-teams will be going to Dartmouth College (Hanover, VT) and the University of New Hampshire (Durham, NH). Pray that the Lord will draw seekers to the BfA tables and the local saints in these areas will be strengthened and supplied.
  • There would be remaining fruit issuing from the 3 workplace seminars taking place this Thursday and Friday. There are ~10,000, predominantly young professionals, working in a ~1 mile strip of renovated mill buildings.
  • Visitations will continue to encourage, supply, and blend the saints and positive contacts in Manchester and its surrounding areas.

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