Student’s Sharing about Spring College Conference in CA | Christians on Campus at UC Berkeley 加州春季大专训练学生的分享|加州大学伯克利分校校园基督徒

“One point that really struck me during the college conference is that life is directly tied to our dependence on the Lord. The speaking brother shared that to choose life and experience life is simply to be dependent on the Lord… not for us to do the ‘right’ thing. Many times in my experience when I find myself in a dry or dead state, I complain to the Lord, ‘How did I end up here? What wrong decision did I make?’, but am not able to really pinpoint anything outwardly wrong. However, this word at the conference showed me that it really isn’t about my right or wrong choices. When I find myself in a dry or dead state, it is due to the fact that I had drifted away and become independent of the Lord, even for that moment. But praise the Lord that He is always there waiting to receive us and dispense life into us! All we need to do is simply turn our hearts to Him and depend on Him in our situations, and we will experience life!” — Caleb K. #GodsHeartsDesire19 #cocucb 🌾 @ Mt. Gilead Bible Camp