Saints Singing Hymns#1301 “Jesus the Kingdom” at Hall 41 of the Church in Taipei City 台北市召会四十一会所圣徒歌唱

1. Jesus the kingdom has come into us,
Reigning and shining He’s all glorious,
Christ as the seed is the King who has come,
Into our spirit His kingdom He’s sown.

O let Him grow, O let Him grow;
His kingdom life be all we know.
Jesus, the kingdom is sown into us;
Jesus, the kingdom, O how glorious!

2. We must repent for the kingdom’s at hand;
All that we do, think, or feel, or have planned
Must be abandoned and changed in our mind;
Leave all the world and self-seeking behind.

3. All of religion has missed it again,
Teaching for doctrines the concepts of men;
They vainly wait for the kingdom to be.
A dispensation they’re hoping to see.

4. But now the kingdom to us has been shown,
It is no less than our Jesus alone.
It is the Person of Christ in us all,
And it begins as a seed when we call.