2018 ICSC | Brother Ron’s Fellowship 二〇一八国际华语特会 | Ron弟兄的交通

Fellowship of Bro Ron Kangas 2018 Feb 18 in ICSC
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Conference conclusion by 
Br. Ron
There are 30,000 people here, but I am speaking to only one person. 
And that one person is you. 
I’d like to share something from my heart to your heart, and from my spirit to your spirit.
I ask the same question that our brother Minoru just raised,
“After the conference, what will you do?” 
Do you not realize that you bear a responsibility now before God?
He has spoken to you. What will you do?
The goal of the Lord’s recovery is to bring forth the one new man.
This is God’s goal. This is the goal of the recovery.
Will that be your goal? 
Would you not like to say to the Lord when you meet him on that day:
Lord, your goal became my goal.
My whole life contributed to the bringing forth of the one new man.
I’d like to testify to you.
By the Lord’s mercy and only His mercy
My goal in living on this earth is the one new man.
If this goal is to be your goal, you need to see the vision of the one new man.
We heard the message on the vision.
But please do not assume you see that much yet.
If you see the vision, it will govern your whole life.
It will direct you in everything.
It will motivate you. It will energize you.
Please ask the Lord to show you the vision.
If we are to live out this vision. 
We all need 6 kinds of personal experiences.
Between this morning and the time you finish your journey,
you will either experience these matters or you will not.
They will either become real to you or they will not.
First, be renewed in the spirit of the mind.
More than 60 countries are represented here. 
More than 60 kinds of minds are here, every mind shaped by culture and race. 
And the minds are different.
Will you please pray day by day, “Lord, renew my mind for the one new man.” ?
For the new man you and I need to grow up into Christ in all thing
Will you please ask the Lord to do this in you?
Will you receive light on the things in which you need to grow up into him?
Then you need to learn Christ, to live in the mode of Christ himself, and to be saturated with the reality that is in Jesus.
May the Lord put deep in your heart and spirit a hunger and thirst for reality.
The highest requirement of all of us is to take Christ as our person.
When He is our person he is our life.
Are you willing to learn what it is to take Christ as your person?
According to Ephesians chapter 2, Christ himself is our peace.
When he created the one new man in himself, He made peace.
We have been called to the peace of the Body, the peace of the one new man.
Will you allow this peace to rule in your heart?
In every matter, in every relationship, and then let the word of Christ dwell in you, make home in you.
No one can see the vision for you.
You need to see.
No one can experience these 6 matters for you.
Only you can contact the Lord in this way.
After this meeting is over, please contact the Lord.
Turn your heart to the Him.
Open your being to Him.
And pray to be part of the reality of the one new man.
When the one new man has come forth, the bride will be ready.
And when the bride is ready, the Lord Jesus will come back.
Don’t you want him to come?
We want him to come back!
For his coming let us give ourselves to Him, to bring forth the one new man.

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