Prayer Request for Saarbrücken as a Target City for a New Lampstand 请为德国萨尔布吕肯作为新灯台的目标城市代祷

Prayer request for Saarbrücken as a target city for a new lampstand #1, June 10, 2019
Saarbrücken as target city:
Saarbrücken is now identified as a target city for a new lampstand and we pray that the Lord’s will be done and a shining testimony of the Lord will be swiftly established in this German city.
Saarbrücken is the capital of Saarland, one of the states that make up Germany, and has about 180,000 inhabitants. Saarbrücken has also a very attractive University which is known for offering degrees in informatic, nano and life sciences and also houses a Max Planck institute.
At this time we ask the saints to pray for our meetings on
The Lord’s day, where saints in a radius of about 1 hour travel meet to praise the Lord and to enjoy their portions in the HWMR.
Monday evening, where we enjoy the messages of the Life-study of the gospel of John with a group of saints in a homemeeting in Tholey, about a half an hour’s drive from Saarbrücken, A homemeeting in Saarbrücken on Wednesdays, where presently Bible reading is emphasized,
Prayer meetings for brothers and sisters, separately held as conference calls, because the long travel time prohibit physical meetings, and our student meetings on Friday nights.
Please pray that all the saints will keep themselves in the enjoyment and experience of the Lord and will fully cooperate with the Lord to be perfected into one for the satisfaction of the Lord’s heart’s desire.
Pray for the young ones and other new ones to be shepherded according to their need in a timely manner and into the building up of the Body of Christ.
For the last weekend in June we have planned a Bible distribution in Saarbrücken to which we also need your prayers.
Thank you for standing with us for God’s move and the carrying out of God’s interest in Germany.
Please also pray that the saints will be kept and even attract the new ones into the enjoyment of the Lord and together will be perfected into one and be fully brought into the harmony of the reality of the Body of Christ.