Saints Singing English Hymns in the Church in Kitamoto, Japan 日本北本市召会圣徒唱英文诗歌

Saints in Kitamoto- Singing the English Hymn # NS100 
God the Creator became a God-man,
His death redeemed us for His glorious plan.
Now in resurrection the Spirit’s released
Producing the church.
This is God’s masterpiece.
Lord, You are my choice.
I have seen Your beauty.
I belong to You
Now and evermore.
You’re my only choice
Lord, You are so lovely.
Lord I give all for Your masterpiece.
Lord, I love You.
There is no other.
I’ll love You always.
Lord, I love You.
My heart is recovered.
Lord, I give all for Your masterpiece.
Thank You, Lord Jesus, for capturing me.
Thank You, Lord, I now experience Thee.
By feasting! Enjoying!
Your Life would increase.
Thank You, Lord,
I’m part of God’s masterpiece.