Sisters Singing the Hymn #958 “Since Long Ago at Bethany we Parted” in Cebu, Philippines 菲律宾宿务市姊妹们唱诗歌第758首

Sisters Singing the Hymn # “958 Since Long Ago at Bethany we Parted” in Cebu, Philippines
HYMN 958 (Since Long Ago at Bethany we Parted)
Author: Watchman Nee
Composer: Irish Traditional Melody
(Stanza 1 and 6 only) 
1. Since long ago at Bethany we parted,
Within my heart there is a ceaseless void;
How can I take my harp down from the willow?
How can my songs without Thee be enjoyed?
And when at night I’m keeping lonely vigil-
Grown numb alike to sorrow and to cheer-
Then I recall the promise of Thy coming,
But sigh: O Lord, why, why Thou dost not 
yet appear?
6. From generation unto generation
Thy saints have come and gone, 
but have not seen
Thy glorious promise pass into fulfilment.
How long, how very long the time has been!
Why cannot we, dear Lord, discern 
Thy footsteps?
Why are the heavens still so closely sealed?
Oh! must our waiting be prolonged still further
Before Thou in Thy matchless splendor
art reveal.