【2018 First-time Young People’s Conference in Germany】【二〇一八年第一次举办的德国青年特会】有100位爱主的青年人

2018 Young People Conference in Germany
On September 28-30, we held the 2018 Young People Conference in Central Germany for young people between the ages of 18 and 35, including studying and serving saints. The young people also need to be raised and fulfilled when the church life in Germany go forward. A total of about 100 people participated in the first time last year, and the total number of applicants was 163 this year. We hope to have more than 200.


2018 德國青年人特會
已過九月28-30日,我們在德國中部舉辦了 2018 德國青年人特會,對象是 18到 35歲的青年人,包括在學及在職聖徒。在德國召會生活往前的同時,這批青年人也需要被興起,並被成全。去年第一次舉辦共約 100人參加,這次總共報名人數則是 163人。我們今年盼望能超過200位。

Source: https://youtu.be/xbcDV0L10BA