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尋的曠野(Wilderness of Zin) 是巴蘭曠野北部的一部分,區內全屬崎嶇的山岳高地,年雨量極小,不宜農作。在以色列人心目中,這是一個「大而可怕的曠野」。以色列人進軍迦南途中曾在該曠野的加低斯安營,因缺水乾渴,會眾爭鬧,摩西違背耶和華的話向百姓動怒,以杖擊石。另外,窺探迦南的探子也是從這裡派出;摩西的姐姐米利暗也死於此葬於此。以色列人繞行曠野三十八年後,再次來到尋的曠野的加低斯。


“Because you rebelled against My word in the wilderness of Zin, in the strife of the assembly, and failed to sanctify Me at the waters before their eyes. ..” (Numbers 27:14)

The Wilderness of Zin is situated in the northern area of the Paran Desert – an area full of rugged mountain highlands. The rainfall is extremely low and is not suitable for farming. But in the eyes of the Israelites it is a “great and awesome wilderness”. So it happened that, during their wanderings on their way to Canaan, the Israelites camped in Kadesh, in the wilderness of Zin, and began to contend with Moses due to the lack of water. The Lord instructed Moses to take his rod, call the people, and ‘speak to the rock’. Moses, however, did not obey the Lord’s command. Instead, he became angry with the people and hit the rock twice. But God, being faithful, immediately allowed the water to flow out.

In all that we say and do concerning God’s people, our attitude must be according to God’s holy nature, and our actions must be according to His divine economy. This is to sanctify Him. Otherwise, in our words and deeds we will rebel against Him and offend Him.

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