Saints Singing Hymns during the Prayer Meeting in Malabon, Philippines 菲律宾马拉闵圣徒在祷告聚会中唱诗歌

Whenever we come to the Bible, we should not have the concept that it is for the purpose of gaining some teachings.
Instead, we should have the concept that we are here to touch God Himself.
Instead of being taught by the Bible, we are here to assimilate God Himself through the Bible.
Whenever we open the Bible, we should not desire teachings; our desire should be to gain God Himself.
Considering the Bible as a book of teachings is not the proper Christian attitude in reading God’s Word.
The proper attitude for every child of God when coming to the Word is to consider it as another opportunity to contact God Himself.
We should be deeply impressed by this, and we should have this basic change in concept.
(Ministry books: How to enjoy God in reading the word)