“Lord Here I am, Just as I Am” – Saints Singing on the Street to Preach the Gospel at Hall 41 of the Church in Taipei City 台北市召会四十一会所圣徒在街头唱诗传福音

This song was written as a prayer to the Lord during the 2018 Poland YP Conference.

Lord Here I am, Just as I Am
Lord in this age, I fail and fail again
The devil’s tempting I cannot withstand
In this world of eating, drinking
I am just a fallen man
How could you still really love me?
So full of sin and of the flesh
Always drawn by Satan’s baits
Lord I must confess:
Lord here I am, Just as I am
Tossed from the tides of this age
Don’t need to be given good things
But how much I need your grace
Supply me; Re-sensitize me
In your presence I would be,
Living my whole life, for you, Lord
For eternity

Source: https://youtu.be/WYNnmAIDO5o