A New Little Book “You Are a Boy” Just Published 一本新的小书『你是一个男孩子』已发布

TheBibleTellsMeSo.com just published… You Are a Boy!
In these confusing times, we hope this simple, healthy and delightfully little book can be an inoculation and preservation for our young children. You Are a Boy clarifies how God made us in an awesome and wonderful way, just exactly how He intended us to be!

Now available on TheBibleTellsMeSo.com.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2324247417684817&set=a.243972645712315&type=3&eid=ARDAYINr3yDgTGi2G3DjJjgqLIF6ZhsF6YCcGxYidD_nY06NUp1t_r2Of8Rjcd_rc0cSB9JHnb4EtYqw