Saints Singing Hymns from Christians on Campus at FAU in Boca Raton, FL 佛罗里达大西洋大学校园基督徒唱诗歌

Jesus, O living Word of God,
Wash me and cleanse me with Your blood
So You can speak to me.

Just let me hear Your words of grace,
Just let me see Your radiant face,
Beholding constantly.

Jesus, living Word,
My heart thirsts for Thee;
Of Thee I’d eat and drink,
Enjoy Thee thoroughly.
Jesus, most precious One to me,
I want to seek You constantly
So you can spread through me.

I would just call upon Your name,
Open to you; I have no shame
Loving You, Jesus Lord.

Jesus, precious One,
Be so real to me.
You are all I want;
I open wide to Thee.
Jesus, Oh living One in me,
Open my eyes that I might see
All that You are to me.

Just let me enter in Your heart,
Never from You would I depart,
Loving You constantly.

Jesus, living One,
Flood me thoroughly;
Take my willing heart
And overcome in me.
Lord I want You to have Your way,
Save me from being Satan’s prey,
I am believing You.

All I can give to You, my Lord,
Is my whole being, love outpoured;
Lord, I belong to You.

Jesus, faithful God,
Gain us through and through;
Use us thoroughly
To see Your purpose through.