Please Pray for the Church in Stuttgart, Germany 请为德国斯图加特召会祷告

From Stuttgart:

1. Management changes in the hotel where we have been meeting May cause us to lose the use of their conference rooms, leaving us with no regular meeting place. Pray for a proper meeting place for the church in Stuttgart.

2. Please continue to pray for the students we met this semester, especially for their salvation and further shepherding into the church life. An outing for our students and their gospel contacts will be held this coming Saturday Dec. 14th. Pray that many of them would attend this time and be drawn by the Lord.

3. Please continue to pray for the family from the Middle East, who are preparing to join the FTT, they are facing some hardships. Pray that they will continue receiving and enjoying the bountiful supply of the Spirit, and that the visa for the respective country will be released without further delay.

4. Continue to pray for the following saints: for brother A who speaks Farsi and is preparing to move to Stuttgart with his family; for an apartment to be released for J & A and their family; and for the family of A & F who received a denial from their last hearing.