Please Pray for the Epidemic of Wuhan Coronavirus 请为武汉冠状病毒的疫情祷告

Please Pray for the Epidemic of Wuhan Coronavirus

Dear saints, concerning this epidemic, we must pray much in one accord for those affected by the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.

· For the unfortunate residents and health care personnel who were infected

· For the front line health care personnel; may the Lord preserve them, and help them deal with the stress and anxiety they face.

· For the officers of hospital and health commission; may the Lord grant them wisdom and capability to handle the situation.

· For the Lord to preserve us, that the virus does not spread; may the hospital can find an effective treatment quickly.

· May the Lord use this greater situation to turn people’s hearts to the Lord, receive His salvation, and gain eternal life!

· Please pray for the brothers and sisters in the quarantined cities; may the Lord preserve them more, that they would not be infected by the virus, that they would become a calming influence, as a blessed channel for the gospel, and supply adequate life and love to those around them.


— message from local saints there


How we need the petition of all the members of the Body!