Saints Singing Hymns#1164 “Jesus, the all-inclusive land” at Hall 41 of the Church in Taipei City 台北市召会四十一会所圣徒唱诗

1. Jesus, the all-inclusive land,
Is everything to me:
A Christ of brooks, of depths and streams,
And fountains bubbling free.
Springing from valleys and from hills,
Flowing till every part He fills,
He waters us—how glorious—
By His life!

4. In our good land we eat the bread—
There is no scarcity.
We never lack one thing in Him,
So rich, so full is He.
He is a land so vast, immense;
He is complete in every sense.
How He expands—land of all lands—
In our heart!

6. Lord, how we bless Thee for this land,
The all-inclusive Christ!
We’ve eaten Him, we’re filled with Him,
O how He has sufficed!
Teach us to labor constantly
Upon this vast reality;
This is our joy, this our employ—
Christ our land!