【The Practice of Small Groups Online Bringing More Functioning Members —Berlin, Germany】

【The Practice of Small Groups Online Bringing More Functioning Members — Berlin, Germany】

The responsible brothers in the church in Berlin have been prayerfully monitoring the developments related to COVID-19. The current rapid epidemic development in Berlin and Germany has made us more vigilantly concerned with saints’ health and safety.

As believers, we are people who meet together, and we will continue to do so until the Lord returns. Yet we must exercise foresight before both God and man so no damage will be made to God’s people.

We are following the guidance of new government rules and the pattern of other churches that have been practicing it already. The church in Berlin is now taking the most precautious way to protect the saints in the outbreak of this epidemic time.

From March 15, the Lord’s day meetings have not been held in the meeting hall. We practiced remotely online video-meeting. If any 2 or 3 families want to come together just in the walking distance they can freely do so. But we suggest the number of the group should not be more than 10. For prayer meetings and group meetings, the same principle is applied.

We have practiced this only for a week, but the responses are exceedingly good and beyond what we could expect. Almost 95% of the saints functioned in different groups on the Lord’s day. And 100% of the Saints functioned in many different small groups online in prayer meetings.

We really praise the Lord for His sovereign arrangement in changing the world situation and we have no choice but to carry out the church life into many small groups online practices. In so doing, many more can function. Even more online Shepherding and gospel preaching could be happening due to saints’ desperation to connect to one another more and more!

Berlin has a wonderful meeting hall now, but we are still waiting for the renovation permit of the government authorities. We are looking forward to the using of this meeting hall to the uttermost for young people’s work and gospel not only for Berlin but also for the Lord’s work in Germany!