A Rich Church Life on the Internet
During the outbreak of the pandemic, we cannot physically come together to carry out the church life, so we use software such as Zoom and Wechat to carry out our church life. By doing so, there is nothing short compared to the original church life; rather, we have more enjoyment of God. We deeply know that it is measured to us by God.

Other than our regular meetings on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Lord’s Days, every evening we started reading the Bible at eight o’clock. We also have prayer groups specifically praying for this pandemic. The responsible brothers of the east district of our church also use the lessons of the Middle Age Training to encourage the saints to register. Every group has four to five people, with a group leader and a mentor. More than four hundred saints registered. Now is the time of seven-fold intensification. Brothers and sisters, let us endeavor together and pursue diligently!

Colossians 3:1-4 implies that with Christ we have one position, one life, one living, one destiny, and one glory. When Christ is manifested, then we also will be manifested with Him in glory! Praise the Lord!

(S. W.)