Thanks to the Lord. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, because we cannot meet in persons, all the face to face meetings in our church life have been canceled. The burden from the brothers’ prayers is to carry out meetings on the internet. Hebrews 10 tells us not abandoning our meetings. Romans tells us all things work together for good so that those who love God may be transformed. We use our time at home to practically carry out the church life using the internet.

On Lord’s Day and during the week, every district and every group has meetings online. Some elderly saints did not know how to use the network software, so they ask their family to help them download, or some brother or sister would go over to help them install.

We are more strengthened in studying and pursuing the truth. We encourage young people to read the Bible and read the Life Study in groups. After practicing this for a few weeks, we feel it is better to have someone leading the pursuit. If the person who leads prepares ahead of time, the meeting will go more smoothly.

We are also more strengthened in the prayers of twos and threes, practicing the vital groups.