【Latest Situation of the Saints in Italy and Their Prayer Burdens】

Since they are so many saints asking how we’re doing in Milan, we would like to let you know the saints in Italy are doing fine.
All the saints are healthy and the grocery stores have no lack. We have been staying at home for almost 5 weeks. The prayer meeting, the home meetings, the students meeting, and the Lord’s day meeting have been all meeting online.

We would like to ask the saints to pray for Italy:

1. Please pray for each locality to have online prayer meetings among the brothers, students, and the saints.

2. Some friends of the saints have the coronavirus. Please pray for the saints to be the channel of the gospel among their friends.

3. A good number of students from Italy will attend the 2020 Virtual European university conference on March 27-29. Please pray that the Lord would penetrate directly into their hearts.

4. Please pray that the saints would use this time to spend more personal times with Lord, pursue the truths, and spend much time in the prayers.

5. Please pray for the Lord to rule over the whole situation.