【More Saints Are Shepherded under Lockdown in Pakistan】Update of the saints in Pakistan

Due to the spread of Coronavirus in Pakistan, from 15 March to 5 April, schools, colleges, and universities are closed. Furthermore, from 23 March and 24 March, the city of Karachi and the Punjab province plus Islamabad are locked down, respectively.

Currently, all the saints in Pakistan are well. None of us are infected. We are having meetings online or on the phone. We want to testify the saints did not stop our gatherings due to this situation but even more numbers of saints are joining online meetings in our statistics. We have more prayers and pursue the word of God. More saints are shepherded and taken care of. However, our work of propagation is suspended. We pray to the Lord to stop this situation and cause more families to turn to Him and the truth from this situation. Amen.