【Testimony from Wuhan | The Savior Lead Me All the Way】

I returned from Wuhan to Fuzhou on the morning of January 21. I was already not feeling well at the time, I thought it was a mere cold. At the time, things were still not severe in Wuhan, and no one taking preventative measures, very few people were wearing face masks. While at Wuhan, I was already starting to feel ill, and had my husband bought me some cold medication. But after taking it for two days, my temperature was still 37.6 degrees Celsius, then I felt something was not right, so I discussed with my husband that we should go to the doctor after returning home. After getting back on the 21st, 22nd is when we went to the local doctor and had a saline drip, I still didn’t feel well. January 23 is when I went to check-in at the big general hospital, after 4 days of observation, which confirmed that it is the Wuhan coronavirus, I was transferred to the Fuzhou Pulmonary Hospital of Fujian.

Thank the Lord, I was a fortunate one. If I had returned two days later, Wuhan would’ve been under lockdown. Due to the lack in every aspect during the beginning phase of the epidemic, it would be even more inconvenient to go to the doctor, and my treatment would be delayed. Thank the Lord! For just as the Bible has said, “Yet a hair of your head shall by no means perish.” (Luke 21:18).

Though my family members were with me, they were not infected.
In the two days that I returned, our whole big family of over ten to twenty ate together, for half a day, not one of them got infected by me, this is the Lord’s hidden care. We believers have the Lord’s protection. Like all those who believed into the Lord Jesus, I was fortunate, because I have an absolutely reliable Lord living within me.

Throughout the hospitalization process, I’ve also received the Lord’s protection, my symptoms weren’t as severe as some others, all the intubation and cannot breathe. Overall, I was doing okay, just got to get shots and take medicine every day. But the Lord is with me, so I do not feel scared or lonely. Praise and thank the Lord, it is the Lord Jesus who healed me, that I slowly got better. I got out of the hospital on February 19. Ever since then, I was healthy.

Truly, those who believe in the Lord has great fortune, thank my Lord! My family members were all surprised at what the Lord has wrought on my person. The incredibly virulent coronavirus did not infect any of my family members even though they ate with a carrier like me, even after close contact. It goes to show that the Lord has raised a firewall for me in secret, ordered that the virus is not to pass, forbid it from being passed to others. Thank the Lord for bringing me thru this valley of the shadow of death and lead me onto the path of peace.