【Newsletter from Seongnam, South Korea】

Dear saints, I want to share the recent situation and my church life here in Korea.
It has been two months since COVID-19 arrived from Wuhan, China. COVID-19 began to spread all over Korea after a mishandling of the issue that WHO said it wasn’t infecting people. Now 9,478 cases have been confirmed, about 144 fatalities, and nearly 100+ cases are being discovered every day (2020. 3. 28). Korea went through the Korean war and developed economically at the end of it, but the current situation feels like a disaster movie come to life.

It started with 10 to 20 people, and then, due to the carelessness of a pseudo-Christianity cult member, the virus spread to many places. The group leader of this heretical cult calls himself the second coming of Jesus and a Comforter. Their number are 205084 (2020. 2. 29). They say they are 144,000 in Revelation and they are to try to gain more people by deception. We thank the Lord that this pseudo-Christianity cult had been exposed thru COVID-19. And I urge the church to rise and take these opportunities to reveal the truth of the recovery to all.

Because of this cult, the government announced to abstain from all religious gatherings. Since then, the saints of the churches in South Korea have been meeting online thru modern apps like Zoom. Etc. At first, a saint’s family opened their home to have love feasts for college students, but a complaint came in from the lower floors of the apartment complex and asked if we are Shincheonji (the pseudo-Christianity cult) or not? Afterwards, all church meetings were done via telephone, or video calls on social media platforms.

As far as I know, there are has been only one elderly couple who were infected and are under quarantine. By Lord’s protection, no one else among His beloved were infected!

The church in Seongnam (suburb south of Seoul) where I belong, all the saints are gathered in small groups (63 groups, each group 8-9 saints) thru Zoom or other social media apps. Initially, when we pray every Tuesday, in our small group, we pray for the vaccine to be developed quickly, pray to reduce the harm to people and prevent the saints from catching the virus. Then, thru the “Church News”, our prayer topics began to turn into prayers for God’s interest. In particular, Brother Andrew’s mention that the third prayer for the whole earth, and the words concerning seizing the opportunity that Brother Nee spoke of was really helpful to us. Therefore, on March 31st, the Churches in Korea nationwide, decided to schedule a time for the third round-the-clock prayer.

Every Friday, we are still pursuing the Word of Truth message by message through Word of Ministry Digest. These words are truly full of Spirit and life. They really refreshed our whole being in our present situation and lead us to take Christ as our refuge.

On Lord’s day, we exhibit Christ by presenting the best part of the weekly enjoyment according to the messages of the seven feasts.

Just as the plague of darkness in Egypt came and the whole earth became dark, the whole world is afraid under the slave of death. Thank God we can enjoy freedom in Christ, and we are so grateful for the Lord and for the Word of the present Age. Indeed, we should not regard this crisis as a crisis, but we want many people to return to God through the prayer of the church and use this crisis as an opportunity to end this age and bring our Bridegroom, Christ, back. Amen!