【France: The Saints Enjoy the Lord’s Intensified Grace in This Challenging COVID-19 Situation】

The saints in France enjoy the Lord’s intensified grace in this challenging COVID-19 situation! For example, some saints in the Church in Paris (the three saints on the top row of the photo) start to shepherd the new one (lower right, originally from Madagascar, Africa, who now lives about two hours away from Paris, France, baptized a few weeks ago) through Zoom meeting room on a weekly basis (the sister on the lower left is from Ivory Coast, Africa) as well as through Whatsapp on a daily basis for prayer and reading to enter and enjoy the word of God in voice messages. This is really a wonderful and enjoyable way to experience and enjoy Christ in mutual shepherding. We feel the reality of vital group is within our group. We pray for the new one’s all five family members so they may also receive the Lord’s salvation and join us next time! Praise the Lord!