【The Church’s Coping Strategy and Turning Point Beneath the Ravages of the Pandemic — Small Pray-reading Groups on Video Call】

In a recent Interviews of Taiwan Christianity pastors on Good TV, ( A Taiwan Christian TV Station). Pastor Maosong Chang of Covenant Church Xindian Taiwan, highly recommends the vital practice of pray-reading the Word of God. which was promoted by Bro Witness Lee and keep on practicing among local churches. It ushes in a turning point to their whole congregation beneath the ravages of the pandemic ,with 400+ online pray-reading groups established, 15 mins per day, What a blessing!There are small pray-reading groups on video call every day. So far there’s a little over 400 of them. Each group have between four to eight people on average, making a combined total of approximately two thousand people. Three days per week at least, six days at most. The schedule is according to whenever is convenient.In order to attend these pray-reading small groups, I myself has to kneel before my desk at 7am, until 9am, attending eight groups. Every group took 15 minutes, then the next 15 minutes, and the next 15 minutes. The time is fixed at 15 minutes, so there would be no delays in getting to another one, and it would not interfere with the other groups.

We don’t need special material. that’s because I’m copying the” Local Church”! This thing that Brother Witness Lee invented, pray-reading, is too good! You don’t need any other material; the Bible is your material. After using that, first, you know how to read the Bible; second, you can memorize the Bible; third, you can pray; fourth, when pray-reading every day, God speaks to you personally. You do not need another speaker, God has already spoken to you, and that word leaves a deep impression in you. In the end, everyone feels great for each other. Being together for 15 minutes every day, Can you get better relations than this!? This is firmer than the original small group form, where some meet daily, some meet three times a week, much closer than those that only meet once a week. And the main point takes center stage, everyone focus on one thing—a portion of the Scripture. So I encourage any Christian groups watching TV right now, if you’re willing to learn, just learn this. It’s easy, no need to have a conference. Use God’s word to pray, read God’s word, pray God’s word, mull over God’s word, and then fellowship God’s word, it’s all here.

I’d like to say one thing, do not change the form of pray-reading, Do it according to how the “Local Church” does it. Many congregations tried to mimic pray-reading but learned to a point of not resembling the original. That came from the mistake of trying to pray-read using our traditional means, and that’s wrong. It is to pray, read, read, pray. Read first and then pray. In order to know the central thought of the Scripture. You need to read first then pray, and read again, need to emphasize reading over the prayer! Oh, it’s great! How essential it is, and extremely easy.