【Pray for Gospel Tracts Reach 1.4 Million Households in Berlin Soon】

The saints in Berlin know the current coronavirus pandemic has changed our daily life drastically. On the one hand, we suffer from the restrictions, we are no longer able to meet physically freely, and we are no longer able to go out distributing the Bible; but on the other hand, we realize, in this quarantine time, that people in the world are likely to get worried, anxious and depressed, and they may re-consider many things in their life, including the weakness and fragility of human life. Many people may be very open to God and the Gospel in the present hardship.

We believe this is a golden opportunity God has provided us that we may send the Word of Gospel to many Berliners. We don’t know how long this window of opportunity will last, however, we know that if this opportunity is gone, it will never come back to us again. We feel we need to rise up to seize this opportunity to cooperate with the Lord now!

Brother Watchman Nee gave the following word in 1950:

“… we must have spiritual insights. Once we have spiritual insight, we will identify the opportunities when they come and lay hold of them. We must be quick. If we do not miss opportunities as they march by us one by one, the church will increase by leaps and bounds. This increase will far surpass our greatest expectation. Today the problem is not that the Lord does not give us opportunities, but that we miss the opportunities. Every one of us must rise up. The responsible brothers of the church must rise up. We do not want to let the opportunities from God go by…”

For this reason, the saints in Berlin have the feeling in one accord to send a particularly written gospel tract to every household in Berlin through post mass mailing. The goal is to reach 1.4 million households in Berlin that they may have a reminding message that they can read and turn to the Savior Jesus and contact us for fellowship.

Under the current environment in which we are not meeting together physically, the way that we can give our offerings to the Lord for this purpose is by making a bank transfer to the church account this week.
(April 5). We hope the Lord will release the financial offering to meet this need in a timely way. We trust in the Lord!