【The Current Situation of Churches in Nepal in 2020】

In 2020, although the world has been changing, God’s actions have never stopped. Now there are four churches in Nepal,and two of them are Pokhara and Lalitpur and are in propagating status. Here is the current situation of these two churches:

The Church in Pokhara

In the first quarter, five brothers in Pokhara (including three local brothers) still took courage to go to the nearby city of Lakenath for the gospel, despite the more restricted political environment. During the two-day propagation, we reached out to local people through door-knocking and distribution of gospel booklet; at the same time, we also took research to the local situation, laying the foundation for the next phase. Through the gospel preaching, saints gained more burden to pray for that city that Lord may open the door for the church and gain more key persons and key families. Because of the rapid spreading of corona-virus, the Nepali government implemented the lockdown of the whole nation, so that we shifted the church prayer meeting, group meeting, Lord’s table meeting and morning revival, shepherding online. For the saints who don’t have internet, we shepherd and supply them by calling. We can testify that even in such a restricted environment, saints have more time on prayer to draw near to the Lord. May the Lord strengthen us through this practice.

The Church in Lalitpur

With the decrease of the service personnel, currently, there are only two serving brothers in Lalitpur. For such a reason, more local saints have begun to have a sense of urgency and to function actively. Some saints begin to go to other saints or new ones’ houses to enjoy the morning revival and after the day-time job, they still go to shepherd others. Through their labor, there are two gospel friends and one seeking Christian family added into the church. Because of the pandemic situation, we start the messenger online fellowship to maintain the Lord’s table meeting. We have around 10 saints to participate in the rank of the 21-day prayer and pray for spiritual warfare, mutual caring and shepherding the weak members in the Body. May the Lord’s move in Nepal have a new breakthrough and His testimonies will shine brightly in each locality.

Prayer burdens for Nepal

1. Pray that the church life in Nepal can be preserved and strengthened in the lock-down situation caused by COVID-19, that through the online channels saints can still maintain the meetings, fellowship and prayer, even mutual caring, encouraging and shepherding.

2. Pray that the Lord may grant the authority in Nepal sufficient wisdom to control the spread of the virus. May the Lord gain the open way so that the gospel of the kingdom and the testimony of the Lord’s recovery would spread in Nepal.