【Wuhan—Thanks For The Intercessions From The Body】

Our current church life:
Monday Morning: The brothers’ prayer and fellowship
Tuesday: The sister’s monthly online meeting.
Wednesday: online small group meetings. Mothers’ online meeting once a month
Friday is our gospel day. Due to the epidemic, we’re not allowed to go out, thus contacting gospel friends online.
Lord’s Day Table Meeting, prophesying online.

Current Situation:

Due to the epidemic, the entirety of Wuhan is still managed via lockdown. It’s been so long that the brothers and sisters cannot see each other face to face, yet in the flow of the Body, everyone all set up online morning revival groups, prayer groups, etc. Three times a week, I would pray with four sisters for the pandemic situation. Monday, Thursday, Friday morning, I would have morning revival with one sister. Friday morning, I would enjoy new believer material with another sister. Monday to Friday morning, I would pray with a newly-baptized sister. Every Lord’s Day at noon, pray with five little sisters for the pandemic. I would regularly learn new hymns to sing from Chinese and English online groups.

Thanks for the intercessions from the Body, so far here might be the safest place. The announcement goes that the city will be open again on April 8th, over millions would return to the city, may God bless the disease prevention and control keeps on being well. May God bless that the numbers of asymptomatic carriers decrease. That the church life returns back to normal, that it is convenient for us to go out and to preach the gospel. May God bless that the people’s hearts be open to Him.