【Resonating with the Global 21 days of Prayer Watch—Hungtington Beach】

This epidemic must be the most severe test that all of us humanity faced within history. This is not limited to one village, one city, one country or one continent, it is for the entire earth, for all the nations, all of humanity, the greatest difficulties that all peoples must face; high up from presidents, kings and all sorts of leaders, down to the civilian peasants and peons; everyone is wary, careful, scared and anxious. Particularly the front-line health care workers in every country, in order to save the victim’s lives, they risk their own lives, paid great price; some even sacrificed their own precious lives. It truly is inspiring and touching, for their sacrifice, I shed tears…

Tiny, unimportant us, truly cannot do much, what we can do is to obey the government’s mandates, stay at home and quarantine, so that we cannot be infected and thus spread to others. Many of us saints in the Church in Huntington Beach, California, resonates with the global 21 days of prayer watch! Thru prayer, prayer, more prayer; ask, ask, ask more. To our most beloved Lord, the Lord of Lords, the king of kings; with keeping on spilling out hearts, with unceasingly pray, and endless watch; be it day or not; hour after hour, day after day… When we’re alone, between couples, with many saints online, in morning revival, prayer meeting, small group meeting, Lord’s Day district meeting, and in-service fellowship…; would all pray unceasingly to the Lord, until the outbreak is over!

The local saints and my family, due to the pandemic, rarely left home; increased our Bible-study, praying and singing hymns more, going online and listening to messages even more…! The brothers and sisters in our locality, are more attentive in the regular online morning revival and Bible-study, some saints due to being old and frail, normally find it hard to attend, or the saints who work in the service industry, due to the demanding work hours, recently also gradually returned to the flock from busy work, started to attend the online meeting in the Lord’s name! We also hope to bring in more families and young people, that they can believe and be saved, love the Lord, and live the church life. During this pandemic, some of our saints lost their jobs, particular some broken single-parent families, the church is currently considering how to help meet their needs; so that “he who gathered much had no excess, and he who gathered little had no lack” (Exo. 16:18). Thru mutual care and support, and being built up together, glory be to God!

Romans 8:28 says: And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. I only hope that we can be people of prayer who love the Lord with our whole heart, whole will, whole might, with one heart, one will, and in one accord:
1. Pray for the gospel of the kingdom to be preached to all
2. Pray for the salvation of gentiles.
3. Pray for the birth of the overcoming Man-child.
4. Pray for the preparation of the Bride of Christ.

May the Lord listen to the 21 days of global prayer watch!
May the white horse of the gospel may acquire victory over victory!
May the Bride of Christ be ready to welcome the Lord’s return!

W. D.,
April 5, 2020