【The Abundant Church Life Online in Norway】

In Grimstad/Kristiansand the saints have common Lords day meeting on Skype with prophesying from HWMR, regular weekly prayer meeting on Skype in Grimstad and Kristiansand, and weekly sisters meeting. There are more saints attending prayer meetings than before. In addition, a small-group meeting is slowly being built up in each place to take care of contacts. Young people meeting is in Grimstad on Fridays for 5 to 6 young people. A new weekly ministry meeting for the saints (Crucial Points in Romans) will be started after Easter. (Some of the local brothers will take a turn to give the message via Skype, followed by mutual sharing in groups). Three brothers are following the ITERO messages on video through the Easter week, privately; followed by mutual sharing via Skype in the evening. In Oslo, on the Lord’s Day morning, the saints are divide into four groups for Skype meetings on HWMR, and they have invited the two brothers in Bergen on the Norway west coast to join them. With the internet, distance makes no difference! Three groups pray on Tuesday nights and the number of saints in the prayer meeting has more than doubled. Seven new university students are under the care of the saints by skype, with three of them beginning to join the Lord’s Day morning skype meeting. In addition, they have a weekly brothers‘ meeting and a university campus coordination meeting, both by skype.