【The Door of the Gospel Opened thru This Pandemic — New Dehli India】

Thank the Lord, the Lord truly opened the door of the gospel through this pandemic, the hearts of men are opened. In the past two weeks, we have created a few simple gospel cards, so that the saints may sent to their family and friends via Whatsapp, (Indians more commonly use Whatsapp, hundreds or even thousands of people are in cellphone contacts) the response was very positive. We have tried online gospel meetings twice in a small district. There were forty gospel friends once, another time, there was over sixty, so far over a hundred names were collected, and in the process of positive feedback. We are also planning to propagate this to other churches, we genuinely believe that this can bring in more gospel friends to accept the Lord.

We want to say that on one hand, may the saints continue to share as much as possible and that we can translate the content at the same time into many local languages.

In addition, we would quickly look for those with talents in multimedia, to translate English video content into our own languages.

We respectfully ask you to help us propagate on Facebook, may the gospel be propagated to the Indians that we normally do not get to contact.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/churchnews/posts/3065053580183202