【Prayer Burdens from A sister in Germany】

Dear Saints,
Starting next week, almost 1 million Gospel tracts will be sent to households in Berlin. At the moment they are in print, they will have to be bundled, weighed and transported on pallets from Southern Germany (where the print is) to Berlin. The Lord needs our prayers, even with fasting, especially for:

– Pray for the quality of the print and that there will be no delay at all.

– Pray that the postal service team will cooperate fully in this matter.

– The Gospel tracts will be delivered to households quickly and without delay.

– The Spirit will work and touch people to read the Gospel tracts seriously.

– The reading will enlighten and convict many people, and they will turn back to the Lord.

– Many people will confess their sins and ask for forgiveness and receive salvation.

– Many lost sheep will be touched and found again.

– Many will take the action to respond to this by contacting us via email.

– Many will ask to participate in online Bible study.

– Pray for 5000 positive responses.

– Pray for 500 remaining fruit as good building material for God’s plan.

– May all the German saints in Germany rise up to follow up for shepherding pasture.

May the Lord deliver many people from the power of Satan and bring them to Himself and the church, just as He has done with all of us.

Thank you saints!