【Budapest: Church Life Coming Directly into Their Home Has Been a Real Blessing】

In the church in Budapest, we are enjoying the Lord’s sovereign arrangement in bringing all the saints closer together. Staying at home has meant that all meetings are being carried out online, which affords a way for saints in isolated areas of the country to join, some even for the first time. Though technology has been somewhat of a hurdle, the Lord is gathering us for regular meetings on Lord‘s days and Tuesdays, as well as smaller gatherings throughout the week. Saints have testified that the church life coming directly into their home has been a real blessing. We are asking the Lord to add more, particularly new, and dormant saints to these online gatherings. We are also full of praise to the Lord for giving us a new beginning and bringing us more into His ordained way. Vital groups have started to be raised up and church gatherings have become group meetings, full of mutual fellowship and prayer. May the Lord continue to gain His increase and expression here in Hungary and throughout the earth!