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For convenience and practicality, we meet in the different cities where we live. Apparently we are divided by geography, for we meet in separate cities all over the world. Actually we remain in the oneness and are not divided, for wherever we may be, we meet in the Lord’s name, in the spirit, and with the cross.
The situation with most Christians today is very different from this. They meet not in oneness but in many different denominations. Even if Christians from various denominations meet together, they may have difficulty praying together….If the believers in Christ are to be one, they must give up all denominational things and simply come together in the name of the Lord Jesus, in the spirit, and with the cross. This is the oneness, and this is the proper ground for the worship of God.
Many Christians,…even though they may live in the same city,…will not meet together because they want to have their own preference. In the Lord’s recovery, we care not for our preference but for the Lord’s presence….Wherever we may be, in Anaheim or Taipei, in London or Tokyo, we should be gathered into the Lord’s name [Matthew 18:20], and we should meet in our spirit and with the cross. If we all do this, we all will meet in the same place, although we meet in different localities. This one place is the ground of the unique oneness. (Life-study of Deuteronomy, pp. 79-80)
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