【2020 GTCA City — Lexington, KY】

The Church in Lexington
The church in Lexington had its first Lord’s table in April 2011. The current church life in Lexington focuses primarily on home meetings with community saints and a campus work at the University of Kentucky (UK). The community saints meet in two home meetings. The church in Lexington has a very diverse group of saints representing at least nine nations (Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Taiwan, China, USA, Canada, Korea, and Malaysia). Overall, the church is 45% Asian, 39% White, and 16% Black.

The church owns 4 acres of land and hopes to build a meeting hall in the near future. With approximately 38 saints meeting regularly, Lord’s table attendance consists of about 24 adults and 12 to 18 children. The church has seen growth, while many students graduate and move away.
The church welcomes all saints; in particular, we are looking for graduate and undergraduate students to come and join us in the church life and campus work. The church needs all ages, from stable shepherding grandparents to young couples and college students. With several graduate students and four professors on the UK campus, we feel the church is well-positioned for a team. With children of nearly all ages, from 1 year old to seniors in high school, parents can be assured their children will have friends among the saints’ families.