【2020 GTCA City — Minneapolis, MN】

The church in Minneapolis began to meet in the 1970s and grew to around 100 saints. The church passed through a significant storm in the 2000s, and many saints were lost. About 50 remained meeting in the nearby suburb of Brooklyn Park. In 2010, a few faithful brothers in Minneapolis took a stand for the Lord’s recovery and the ministry, and the church in this city was recovered.

Current Situation
Over the past 10 years, the church has grown from fewer than 10 saints to about 40 adults and 20 children (average Lord’s Day attendance is about 30 adults and 15 children). There are three older brothers helping to take the lead (along with some younger ones), but only around 10 of the saints
regularly meeting are over the age of 40. The church is mostly composed of couples and single saints in their 20s and 30s. There are also 20 children aged 9 years old and younger (17 of whom are 6 years old
or younger). The Lord has steadily increased our enjoyment and exercise in the church life and church meetings. He has also kept us following the ministry closely, and participation in the semiannual live and video trainings has been good. He is also beginning to help us form the church services and has begun to develop the group meetings.

The church in Minneapolis does not currently have a meeting hall. Lord’s Day meetings are held in a community center at Van Cleve Park, which is near the University of Minnesota. The church often blends with the church in Brooklyn Park, which has a meeting hall where conferences and other larger events for the metro area are usually held. There is a burden to eventually purchase a meeting hall in Minneapolis, and there are funds set aside for this.