【2020 Prayer & Service Meeting of the Churches in Nantou,Taiwan】

On 7:30 PM of June 9th, in the prayer & service meeting of the churches in Nantou held by Wenhua Meeting Hall of the Church in Nantou, there were 72 in live attendance, with 4 attending remotely by video, with a total of 76. The meeting started, enlivening the saints feeling in the spirit with hymn #473, to remind them to take the opportunity, to renew their own consecration, to become a vessel with dispensational value. And then, the saints prayed in one accord for God’s authority on the earth: First, in the July 12nd corporate Lord’s Day meeting, that the saints can experience five “ups” —(1) May the saints’ spirit be stirred up by God, (2) rise up and care about God’s authority on earth. (3) go up. (4) Bring up Christ with His unsearchable riches, (5) Build up to be God’s temple. (Gal. 1:5). Second, for the summer young people’s conference in the Changhua and Nantou counties, that attendees would experience the burning of the sevenfold intensified Spirit.

The Testimonies of practising GOW

On the afternoon of June 3 and 4th, the coordinating middle aged full-time trainee from the church in Jiji and the saints from Caotun, we split into groups to go door knocking to preach the gospel in Ruitian, Qingshui, and Xiufeng, three villages in eastern Lugu county. There were about 29 saints that coordinated in the gospel preaching these two days, contacting 63 homes, 82 residents, with approximately 20 or so gospel friends who are willing to hear the gospel, call on the name of the Lord, and two were saved and baptized. (Brother Yang O, of the Church in Jiji town)

A young sister had the burden to invite her classmates to attend the young people’s small group on Friday, thru the organic coordination of the whole group, everyone functioning, when this classmate came to the meeting a third time, she was saved and baptized. (Sister Zhang Guangrong District of the Church in Nantou City)

From the beginning of this year, there was a gospel meeting held every month, though there was a good amount of attending gospel friends, but none were baptized, we cannot abide such a situation, and urgently asked the Lord for fruit. Then the middle age trainees recommend one who had been seeking for many years. After she was saved and baptized, we still continued to nourish her. Also, on practical shepherding exercise forms, we started a carpet search, listing out names one by one, made as much contact as possible, searching for those that the Holy Spirit has worked on, among those is one gospel friend. Thru eating together and reading the ministry digest with her, leading her to experience Christ in prayer thru a change in her career, that she got a new job after several weeks. (Sister Wu of Guanghua District of the Church in Nantou City)

Testimonies of Pursuing the Collected Works of Witness Lee

On average, there’s 45 saints pursing in the Church in Nantou, among those this season (March to May) there are four saints reaching the goal. Some people finish fourteen messages a day, and wrote their summary report for eight messages; some people finish twenty-one messages per week, and submits summary report for eight messages; some finish sixty-three messages a week, and submits summary report for twelve messages. They have redeemed the time, pursued Christ to win Christ’s life, it is truly inspiring. The brothers encouraged us all, we need to be in the light of the Lord’s second coming and have a renewed value towards our church life.

The Burden of the messages—The Labor upon others and the tangible Steps

(1) Being approachable and appreciative. We need to have Christ’s view in order to be approachable and appreciate people. (2) Dive in and pick up the burden. (3) Shouldering others and seek guidance. We need to care and shoulder other people, seeking the Lord’s guidance (4) Urim and Thummim (5) Fighting to capture minds. (6) caring and nourishing. (7) Listening and expecting. (8) Truth and Experience. (9) Perfecting with discipline. This is for the work of the ministry, to build up the Body of Christ, so that man can do what we do. (10) Study and ask questions.

Recent Activities

(1) At 6pm of June 21 on Lord’s day, there is the corporate perfecting service of all the deacons of all the churches in Nantou on the second story of Zhongxin meeting hall, with PSRP perfecting that day. Asking those who brought the MCD outlines with Biblical verses. (2) July 12, on Saturday, the second story of Zhongxin meeting hall will have the seeding training for the summer video training and singing perfecting. Hoping that the young people to take the chance to be perfected, and we welcome all the saints to attend. (4) August 29, a Saturday, would be Tounan district’s responsible one’s group outing, the destination will be announced soon, may all be able to recite “the ten tangible steps for laboring upon others” on that day.

The Testimony in the First Half of the Year and the Propagation Goals for the Second Half of the Year

Be fully equipped on the divine revelation—The preparation of the meeting on Lord’s Day morning

1. Over 40 saints, live or remotely, enter thoroughly into the HWMR, dig thru the riches of the ministry messages, and apply them practically in the church life.

Goal: A new season for brothers who are willing to be perfected.

2. Through timely sharing of important fellowship topics, to become the timely help for the saints, and to enrich, strengthen and lift up the quality of the content of the saints’ testimonies.

Goal: More brothers to exercise adding in fellowship topics

Be fully equipped on the divine revelation—Pursuing the Collected Works of Witness Lee

1. Through a tally and rewards, the saints be able to continue steadfastly pursue and progress in the Collected Works of Witness Lee. 110 on average every week, approximately 40% of Lord’s Day attendance.

Goal: May there be increase to 50% in the near future, 70% further down, and 100% as the ultimate goal!

2. Open the saint’s spiritual appetite, to be constituted by the divine truth, not just writing the reports for a summary, but can also live according to the vision seen in them, so the church life can be more practical and firmer.

Be fully equipped on the divine revelation—propagating the spiritual literature subscription

1. The 52th tier of ministry book standing order of Taiwan Gospel Bookroom has 101 subscribers (approximately 37% of the Lord’s Day attendance), in contrast to 94 subscribers in the previous tier, with an increase of 7.

Goal: Through encouragement, an increase to 40%

2. Pursue the Ministry Digest in meetings during the weekdays (with text and audio versions of the Ministry Digest for use), continuing steadfastly in the apostle’s teachings and fellowship.

Be fully equipped on the divine revelation—material offerings

1. Thru the offering goals of each member of the Church in Nantou City, the Changtou work fees has met the mark, the overseas propagation funds has met 54.7%. The Church in Jhongliao town’s Changtou amount has reached 58%, the overseas propagation funds has reached 45%. The Church in Mingjian town’s Changtou amount has reached the goal, the funds for overseas propagation has reached the goal. The Church of Jiji town’s Changtou amount has reached 69%, the oversea propagation funds had reached 63%. The Church in Jhushan town’s Changtou amount has reached the goal, and the overseas propagation funds has reached the goal.

Goal: That the amounts of the two items reach the goal to cooperate with the Lord’s move, before the end of July!

2. That the saints would make offerings for all the needy saints in the Lord’s love, as a fragrance to the Lord.

Be fully equipped on the divine revelation—Build up a habit of begetting and nourishing under the framework of the blessed house

1. There are approximately 90 saints that go out to preach the gospel weekly, about 34% of the Lord’s table attendance.

Goal: May it increase to 40% by the end of this year!

2. There are approximately 190 attendees in the weekly home meetings, about 69% of the Lord’s table attendance.

Goal: The goal for the near future be 100%, 150% further down, ultimately at 200% goal!

3. The children’s meeting attendance of the Church in Nantou City total: 48 in February, 60 in March, 48 in April, 52 in May. As the pandemic eases up, the children’s groups have gradually stabilized. The young people’s meeting attendance of the Church in Nantou City (including Jhongliao town) total: 18 in January, 14 in February, 20 in March, 16 in April, and 20 in May.

Goal: That there would be increase in both the children and the young people, that the church life be youthful!

Be fully equipped on the divine revelation—The Priesthood that is from the center to the circumference

1. In the four localities of the Tounan region, that the brothers would build a monthly prayer fellowship: to mingle the hearts, the spirit, the burdens and the moves.

2. That five localities of the Tounan region would build a monthly corporate service perfecting: life experience, constituted with the truth, distributing of affairs, and talking over statistics. So far there are over 70 serving ones.

Goal: To gain a new generation!

Be fully equipped on the divine revelation—Weeklong Gospel Propagation in Jhushan and Lugu

1. 14 were saved, 2 of them are young people.

Contacted many open names and young families, can be made whole

2. Contacted many open names and young families, can be made whole thru the children’s groups.

Goal: Need serving ones to take care of them!

Be fully equipped on the divine revelation—Attendance of the Conferences and Trainings

1. Be a part of the move of the Body, immerse ourselves into the flow of the Holy Spirit
2. There were 21 who attended the Spring ITERO, 70 who attended Memorial Day Conference, a significant increase.