International Blending Conference Baarlo Online 2020

Welcome to the registration for the International Blending Conference Baarlo Online 2020.

  • This year’s conference will take place online and will consist of five meetings from Friday, 16 October to Lord’s Day, 18 October.
  • The price for the event is £6 per adult (VAT included). 
  • As you complete the registration, please register all the adults (18 years old and over) in your home who will be participating in the conference. Each person will then receive the online details closer to the time of the event.
  • The conference will be in English. For those who require translation please coordinate with those from your language group. 
  • The schedule will be as follows: 

BST: British Summer Time; CET: Central European Time; EET: Eastern European Time

Day Date Times
Friday 16 Oct 6.30–8pm (BST)
7.30–9pm (CET)
8.30–10pm (EET)
Special Fellowship
Saturday 17 Oct 9–11am (BST)
10am–12pm (CET)
11am–1pm (EET)
Message 1
2–4pm (BST)
3–5pm (CET)
4–6pm (EET)
Message 2
Lord’s Day 18 Oct 8.30–9am (BST)
9.30–10am (CET)
10.30am–11am (EET)
Lord’s Table (open meeting)
9–11am (BST)
10am–12pm (CET)
11am–1pm (EET)
Message 3 (open meeting)
2–4pm (BST)
3–5pm (CET)
4–6pm (EET)
Message 4

Contact information


Phone number: +44 1708 380 301


To take care of the meetings during an online conference, it is helpful to consider the following:

  • Do not take photos, screenshots, or recordings of the meeting and do not post any images or videos of the event on social media or WhatsApp as you do not have the permission of the participants to do so.
  • Find a location without too much background noise, and mute your microphone when you are not speaking. The host may need to mute you from time to time.
  • Find a location with an appropriate background with no distracting images or activity. Be properly and fully clothed as you would if attending a meeting in person. Make sure anyone who could pass behind knows that they could be on camera.
  • Be patient and flexible with the technology and respectful of one another.
  • Please do not share the meeting link or password with anyone, and do not post the link on social media.