Old Comrade-in-arms, Let’s Part Temporarily

Our Dear Brother Lee Fuming, rested in the Lord at 9:21pm, Oct 28th 2020


Old Comrade-in-arms, Let’s Part Temporarily

I met Brother Fuming first time in the spring of 1970, at the beginning of the second semester of freshman year in National Taiwan University, in the male freshman dormitory near the hills. At that time, we went to knock on door to invite people, and he gladly got on the tour bus prepared by the church and went to the gospel meeting at No. 145, Section 1, Hoping East Road, Hall No. 3 of the Church in Taipei. Right at that spot, he believed in the Lord and got saved, what a super son of peace the Lord has prepared. As a talented freshman in the department of Chinese Literature,Once he said: “If a man hear the truth in the morning, he may die in the evening without regret”. he had the spirit of apostle Paul,“suffered the loss of all things and count them as refuse on account of the excellency of the knowledge of Christ”.


If a Man Hear the Truth in the Morning,
He May Die in the Evening Without Regret


Around that time, the first Brothers’ House of National Taiwan University was established. Due to high spiritual standard and Sis Ni served daily for meals, also the monthly expenses were quite affordable. The brothers from various places of Taiwan and overseas run to apply for it. Although there are many requirements to stay in the Brothers’ House, the tenants are required to live a high standard of spiritual life and church life, but the beds were quickly filled up. Brother Fuming is also eager to move in, yet there is no vacancy already. Praise the Lord! A brother voluntarily gave up his bed and moved to a storage room which space is narrow in the way you need to stretch your feet out of the bunk when you sleep. Since then, Brother Fuming embarked on a journey of putting off the old man and putting on the new man, to apprehend the breadth and length and height and depth of Christ with all the saints. He earnestly pursues Christ and reads the words of God diligently; His spiritual growth is healthy, and its prospects are promising!


Pursuing with Those Who Call on the Lord out of a Pure Heart


One and a half years later, the new student center of 5 storie’s building in Hall No. 3 of the Church in Taipei was fully dedicated. Saints from National Taiwan University,National Taiwan Normal University and others relocate there to live a corporate God-man life, and pursue with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. There had morning revival and evening prayer everyday; and dinner together without interruption. At that time, this group of young college students were particularly blessed, Brother Huang Guisen and Sis Huang Liu Minglie coordinated together to perfect them in every aspect. Let the youthful, unruly, immature yet who love the Lord to become the pillars with high intention, maturity, and full of wisdom and stature.


Living and Pursuing Together, To Be Spiritual Companions

Fuming and I were in the same grade. We lived and pursued together and gradually become spiritual companion. In addition to our daily morning revival and evening prayers, there was a period of time that we prayed for half an hour together at 9:30 pm every evening in Hall No. 19. Not only that, I still remember that for a year or two, after morning revival by each group in the student center, we voluntarily paid the price to the fifth floor, to pray-read together for another hour, from Genesis chapter one, verse by verse, to the Book of Leviticus. In order to exercise our spirit, we went to Yongchun Street (Old Hall No. 18) by the riverside grassland to release each other’s spirit and practice our spirit to pray. Together, we closely follow the latest leading of the Ministries and practice earnestly. Besides, we serve the brothers and sisters of the National Taiwan University campus together. At 1971, when the message in the Lord’s Day can be open to young brothers to share, again we won’t miss this chance. Afterwards, we participate in one year full-time training together.


Being Partners, But also Comrade-in-arms, Fighting everywhere


At the end of 1977, there was conference in Taipei for young working saints, under the call of Brother Lee “come, go and come”, we answered the call together and became co-workers in the ministry to fight the spiritual battle in a full time way. When the calls for propagation in Taiwan Island trumpeted, Fuming and his wife took the lead to pick up the burden and go to Yuli Hualein. When Brother Lee came to finalize the Chinese Recovery Version of the New Testament, he also came to contribute his portion in early days. Not only did we cooperate with each other to strengthen the church life in Taiwan; When there is a need for the perfect training of the new way in South Korea, we also went to serve together. Even the training of vital group and PSRP held in various parts of North America, we also go to cooperate with brothers. In the fellowship of the propagating the ministry, we are partners and comrades-in-arms, fighting for Lord’s interests from place to place. More than ten years ago, Brother Fuming also came to the church in Anaheim, Southern California to work together to strengthen the testimony there, especially on the Chinese-speaking side. He has worked hard and served everywhere, and really turned out to be a good soldier of Christ.


Going forward Loyally and Bravely to the Lord until the End


With a resolute mind, a frank personality, and a man of temperament, he always shows Peter’s passions, and the frankness and spiritual insight of Nathanael as well. For the leading of Ministry, he follows faithfully and earnestly. His obsession with the Ministry can be compared to a kind of stubbornness in choosing good. From following the ministry to practice the new way, then entering into the messages of ministry in PSRP to build up a kind of appreciation, treasure, and love the ministry of this age which is all-inheriting, all-inclusive, and consummating, he is determined to dive into it thoroughly. As for preaching the gospel to others, he has an urgent and fervent spirit. He also spares no effort in caring for the churches. For the gospelization of Taiwan, raising up new golden lampstands, he is loyal and faithful to the Lord until the end of his life. We are companions and co-workers for decades, serving, propagating and building up together in various places, we always have fellowships and encouragement. Though far from each other, there is a spiritual bond between us. Brother Fuming passed away now and our heart are really grieved; the man is far away, yet the memory is infinite! Old comrade-in-arms, Let’s part temporarily!


Your brother Samuel Liu            The Church in Ontario, California, USA