One on one Bible study in UK

Concerning 1-1 Bible study, this service has been going on since Mid March lock-down in UK, now also in France. LME has been advertising a free NT Recovery version on Facebook. When a request to get the Bible is made, the person is given a choice to request a phone Bible study via LME’s sister charity Amana Trust. Many responded to this offer since the lock-down. So bro Joe initiated the service with full-time serving ones and FTTL trainees. Besides calling the contacts  to establish initial contact, the trainees, who were locked-down in Bower House, packed the Bibles to send out. A serving group was set up to inform serving ones to contact the Bible recipients. Then Bible study time was set up, brother to male contact (Christian or unbeliever), sister to female.  In my case, my wife and I have weekly 2-1 study with 2 sisters separately, and I have one brother myself. Right now, there are more than 200 such Bible studies on phone.
Each study time is about 30 to 45 min. Many started with John. In my case, one of the sisters wanted also a study on Ephesians. So we have 2 times with her per week. Some young serving ones have 15 studies a week. Some of these dear ones started to join church meetings online. The Bible recipients are distributed to serving ones according to geography, so that when we can meet physically, we can invite them to meetings in our district. Of course, some in London had study with some outside of London. Bro Joe has one from Scotland.
Each week in our coordination meeting in Bower House, there is a time slot dedicated to study of John to train the saints. Currently many regular church saints (not full-timers) throughout UK have joined in this service. There were lessons developed to be viewed on line. You can browse for them in
I hope these details will answer your question.