Prayer Burdens from A Serving Couple in Milan, Italy on December 26, 2020

Dear saints,

We would like to ask the saints to pray for Italy:

Prayer burdens from a serving couple in Milan, Italy on December 26, 2020 :

1. Please pray for one by one shepherding among the saints and young people.  

2. An American couple from Milan moved to Vicenza for the Lord’s interest.  Please pray that they will be built up with the saints there for the building up of His Body. 

3. There has been significant progress in the church in Rome receiving legal status with the Italian government to sponsor religious workers to come to Italy. This will hopefully be an open door for serving ones to migrate to Italy and to the rest of Europe. Please pray that the Lord would release the serving ones in His time.

4. Please continue to pray for all the small group meetings, home meetings, YP meeting (ages:13-18) and YP meeting (ages:18-25) weekly.
5. Please pray for the raising up of golden lampstands in Torino, Prato, Fucecchio, Vicenza and Aosta.