Sierra Leone (West Africa) – Report

Sierra Leone (West Africa) – Report
There is currently one local church in Sierra Leone (Freetown) with 20 saints regularly attending the meetings. The saints in Sierra Leone have been enjoying the Lord throughout the pandemic. Since the saints are not able to meet physically due to the pandemic, we start to use social media platforms (WhatsApp and messenger) to share our enjoyment from the Holy Word for Morning Revival. Five saints participated in the Memorial Day Conference and this year’s West Africa Perfecting Training online. Some Sierra Leonean students who went to study overseas came into contact with the saints. Upon their return there have been a series of coordination to care for these contacts. We have visited some homes of the students. Please pray for the increase and move in Sierra Leone.
Prayer Burden-
1) Pray for knowledge, wisdom and understanding to co-work with God for His building.
2) Opportunity to blend with the Body and more ministry books for propagation.
3) Pray for the increase of the Lord in the Church in Freetown and for our students to gain admission into the tertiary institutions.