A Recent Update for Italy

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We haven’t put out an update for Italy recently but be assured the Lord is still moving on.  Some recent occurences:

1) The Olivo’s, Harold and Young Hei, have moved from Milan to Vicenza to help the church there.  We must pray for them that the Lord would raise up the church there, that the saints would be encouraged and built up together.  As you may know, there is a young student studying in Padua which is next to Vicenza.  This brother is a graduate student from the Philippines and has completed the full-time training in the Philippines.  We can view Padua and Vicenza as a unit since they are so close by.  Many of the saints live in Vicenza and Padua, being a university town is an excellent fishing pool, a source of new friends and material for His building.  May the Lord gain some of these young people;

2) Our petition to become an approved religious organisation in Italy has now been approved.  This means we will have a way to bring in full-timers who have a burden to serve there.  They will come in as employees to the Church in Rome though they can serve in other parts of Italy as well.  We feel this is a big step for the Lord’s move!

3) Though Italy has been under various restrictions due to Covid, saints in Rome, Milan, Vicenza and elsewhere are still meeting by Zoom and enjoying the Lord together.
Let’s pray for His increase in the coming months!

Thank you