See different. Walk different. // Solid Ground Spring 2021// CSUNT

Our weekly ministry series focused on helping you build your faith on solid ground. Every Thursday at 9pm the whole club gets together to hear an inspiring Bible-centered message and gather in fellowship groups to dig deeper. In the midst of your week, find the Word and find others choosing to pursue Christ in college. Join us this semester online!


God’s Word tells us that the whole world lies in the evil one. Everyone in the world blindly walks “in the vanity of the mind” (Eph. 4:17​). But how do we walk? Every Thursday, you’ll hear a message from Ephesians chapter 4 to strengthen us for a different walk – a walk with a purpose. Join our fellowship groups afterward to apply the Word together and find a strong community at UNT. 


Zoom ID: 255 445 1922

Password: walk