The Saints and Church in Bangladesh

Preaching the Gospel through on-line has been started in Bangladesh.

We  have been preaching the gospel through on-line in Bangladesh since the end of February.

At first we started preaching the gospel on-line by using notebook.
I preached the gospel on-line and the brother in Bangladesh translated in the village by watching notebook screen. Recently we have set up a projector and the screen there and almost everyday we preach the gospel from village to village. From 20th of February until 30th of March, we have preached the gospel to about 30 villages in the northern area in Bangladesh, that is 1,200 people. We thank God that He has opened the way to preach gospel in this pandemic situation.

The brothers in Bangladesh visit local villages and prepare the gospel preaching there. We have supported the serving ones with two motorcycles for the gospel preaching and visiting saints in other locality.

The serving ones are keep visiting villages to shepherd the saints and raise up the proper church life.  Most of the villages are the village with the Hinduism background and one Hindu priest has invited us and heard the gospel in front of the Hindu temple. he has believed and been baptized.

After gospel preaching, we give them Bibles and booklets, encourage them to read those. For the gospel, we printed 10,000 booklets and 1,000 New Testament Bibles.  We give the villagers facial masks as well.

Every Friday and Saturday, we have on-line meeting delivering the Word of God. 30~40 saints are attending. In order for more saints to join the zoom meeting, we are supporting them to purchase smart-phone. Now we are on the book of  Revelation and Galatians.

Please Pray for the raising-up of the proper church life in the places where the gospel has been preached.